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An alternative take on traditional book arts Luminais encompasses genealogical information with subtle hints of tradition.

This edition was printed on cotton fabric using Bubble Jet Set 2000 and Rinse then soaked in Community Coffee. The spokes of the fans were cut from aromatic red cedar. The spokes were embossed to correlate the years for each generation.


Lafitte's Lampshade

Like the sun setting on the Louisiana bayou, this shade provides a soft comforting glow of light setting behind the Spanish moss laden cypress trees. Rising from the water is the subtle hint of hope in a new day just beyond the horizon.

The image was printed on hand pulled Gampi, built from aromatic red cedar, and features a tap light for its light source.


Family Gathering

What does family mean to you? Many branches and leaves make up one’s family tree, and a culmination of things brings a family together.

The Family Gathering bowl was made from cotton pulp and colorfully painted. A mixture of different paper pulps were pulled to create the leaves that were later painted and embossed.


Reflections & Shadows: A Journey Through Acadia

Attracted to the intrinsic beauty of nature, this body of work captures the depths of the bayous. These images offer the viewer a glimpse into a place where time flows slower than the tides. Shadows that lay long pickets across Acadia’s front yard are visibly deep in the swamp. Open, calm waters reflect the uncombed mossy beards that hang from ancient cypress forests. Gray curtains draw together around bright green floating carpets that step the viewer up from the smooth floors to the broken horizon.

The photographs in this series capture the journey taken, giving the viewer a look into a place that few outsiders venture – a place where stories told from generations past are adventures within themselves – a place once called home.


Fabric of Morality

The installation “Fabric of Morality” was created from a project themed Public Discourse, Cultural Icons & Civic Engagement: The Art of Political Issues. Using sayings from bumper stickers, I created a quilt highlighting conservative beliefs. The wing’s double entendre is a play on political rhetoric and religion.


A Collection of Dreams

Dreams often create elaborate images representing part of our psyche while offering -at best- vague nuances of meaning.

Objects that emerged from the recorded dreams were photographed and the book was then published by Blurb. Individual dreams were typed and printed on Pictorico and adhered to the front of each correlating image in the book. As part of the manipulation process, the last page in the book was burned in order accentuate the final dream of a fiery Hell. The front cover was embossed with a multi colored foil which completed the manipulation process.

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