Do you have a great idea for a quilt but lack the skills or time to make it?  Do you like any of the patterns from a quilt I already designed?  

Amalgam Art Studio can create the perfect quilt for you.

Photo Transfer

The easiest way to transfer your photos to fabric for use in quilts or other projects is to scan and e-mail them to us. 

Photo transfer services:

  • We use 200-thread count Printed Treasures, a specialty fabric designed for photo transfer.
  • Photos can be color or black & white
  • We charge by the sheet, which is an 8 ½" X 11" piece of paper. You may place as many photos as will fit on the sheet leaving at least ½" between photos, and at least ½" margin between photos and the edge of the sheet. Cost is $10 per sheet.

Additional charges for photo editing or scanning of your images.


Add custom embroidery to any of your quilts.  

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